5 Tips to Bail Someone Out of Jail

Getting a loved one out of jail after they’ve been arrested is important but if you’ve never completed this process before there are likely many questions on your mind. It is always nerve-wracking to do something the first time but with the 5 tips below you can minimize some of that stress.

1.    Find a Bondsman: You can pay the bond amount directly to the courts or you can use the services that a bondsman offers and pay a reduced amount. It makes sense to use a bondsman to pay the bond. This way you spend only 10% of the court ordered bond amount and save a ton of money.

2.    Research the Options: Not all bondsmen offer the professional, fast service that you need. Check out a few options for bondsman to learn the company that has what you need. Use reviews to guide you through the process.

3.    Know What a Bail Is: When you learn how to bail someone out of jail make sure you also learn what is and what is not allowed. You are responsible for the person’s appearance in court and can be held liable if they do not appear.

4.    It Takes Time: It’d be nice if you could bond someone out of jail in seconds but it just doesn’t work that way and everyone must go through the same time and process as the other. Once you sign the paperwork there is a court process to complete before our loved one is released.

how to bail someone out of jail

5.    Be Prepared: You need an identification or driver’s license to bond someone out of jail. Arrive at the bonding office with the money needed to make the bond in hand, a copy of your ID, and an ink pen to get through the process quickly.