When Can You Modify a Child Support Order?

Non-custodial parents are oftentimes required (by local courts) to provide financial care for their kids. Life is hard enough without placing the burdens upon one person’s shoulders. It is called a child support order and people throughout the state use them. It is your right to get child support from the absent parent.

When a child support order is put into effect, it is valid for an indefinite period of time or until the child reaches the age of 18. However, modifications to the order may be needed during this time. As such, modifications can be made to the support order when circumstances significantly change.

When to Modify a Child Support Order

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Child support order modifications can be made when there is a change in income and there is a decrease or increase of 15%. Both custodial and non-custodial parents can request a review of modification in his situation. Custodial parents can also request a modification/review on a periodic basis, per laws of the state.

Modifications may or may not require you to appear in court to complete. Some requires just paperwork to be completed to help you out. Many modifications do not; others require this step. All modifications made to a child support ordered must be approved and signed by a judge.

Talk to an Attorney

If you need mo child support modification, it is ideal to speak to an attorney regarding the matter. As legal experts, lawyers can help answer questions about modifications as well as file the paperwork needed to take the case to court. Attorney simply make it easier to get results before, during, and after the matter goes to court, not to mention peace of mind. Don’t go to court without a lawyer representing the matter.